How to Earn at Least €150/Month...No Minimum Cash Out

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What's the personal income potential?...
€5 x 30 days = €150/month
It's even more, if you decide to refer others (totally optional)

What's the referral earnings potential?...
€0.50 x 50 active referrals = €25/day x 30 days = €750/month (that should cover a bill or two)...more referrals means more earnings 

Just imagine your potential earnings, if you choose to upgrade...

NOTE #1: Clicking on 4 ads daily gives you the right to earn from your referrals' previous day's activity.

NOTE #2: When I upgraded to the "ultimate" membership, my "nano" ads went from €0.05 to €0.25/click (cha-ching!)

Here are some quick and easy steps to earn credit for ad clicks...
1) click on an "extended", "standard", "micro", or "nano" ad
2) wait 60, 30, 10, or 3 seconds,  respectively
3) check the time status bar by clicking on the original BB tab
4) close the ad tab, when the green status bar checks okay
5) repeat process for each ad

Advertising starts as low as €1.99

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